Shared Booklist

COMING in February 2018. I’ve collected some resources and will put a google doc together soon.


Have a magical math book in mind that you want me to share with others? If you do, email me at or go to the Contact page and send along the  following information:

The title of the book, author(s), Grade/age level you think the book is best for, a bit about why it is magical to you and your students and/or children and anything else you’d like to share about your experience with the book. Thanks so much!

When I start getting magical math book suggestions, I will link to a googledoc spreadsheet here.

Also stayed tuned for opportunities for teachers/parents to share your magical math book picks in 2018 by writing your own mathbookmagic post. As a repayment for generously sharing your math book magic experience with us, I’ll gift you with one magical math book of your choice from this website!

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