Two Books about One

In this post, we share two more magical books that ask this same question:  Is one always one? The 1st book, More than One, was written by Miriam Schlein and illustrated by Donald Crews. The 2nd book about one is Only One written by Marc Harshman and illustrated Barbara Garrison.

Uncovering the Complexities of Counting with a Magical Counting Book

I never would have guessed 15 years ago that I would STILL be learning about counting.  But listening to children engage with simple prompts and carefully crafted images like in How Many? shows me there are deeper truths and things to be understood about counting and all K-12 mathematics learning.   Thank you Christopher Danielson once again for providing a resource to wander and wonder with.

1+1=5: A Book to Explore Unlikely Additions

Let me be clear, this book is NOT trying to confuse children into thinking that the addition statement 1+1=3 is a true!  Under the arithmetic operation of addition, of course the expression 1+ 1 has only one value, 2.  In order for the equation 1+1=3 to make sense, we need to add in some units.

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