Math Board Book Magic ✕ 4

The Charlesbridge Storytelling Math series brings the magic once again. This time with their four board book collection by author/illustrator Grace Lin spanning four seasons. Up To My Knees explores the measurement of sunflowers planted in spring, Circle, Sphere explores the bubble shapes popping in the summer sun, What Will Fit? involves collecting and comparing fall harvest items and The Last Marshmallow explores how to share on a cold winter day.

Play with your Math with Little Pea

The post below was written by Lana and her colleague Meredith Wilkes. Lana is  currently a math coach with K-6 students and teachers, and Meredith is a kindergarten teacher. Both live in Calgary.   Their post is an excellent example of two amazing, creative teachers taking a delightful picture book and examining the situations in the book through a mathematical lens. Thanks to both of them for sharing their math book magic with us.  Watch out for flying peas!

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