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Here are some resources that I have found useful in creating the posts in this blog and for other reasons. I will update periodically.


#mathbookmagic (Use this to share magical math book info and your experiences with them)

#tmwyk (Stands for talking math with your kids. Use this to share and celebrate children’s spontaneous math thinking)


Chart of children’s literature by Topic and Grade  featured in Math Solutions Publication series Math, Literature, and Nonfiction. is an amazing resource with lists of math books by topic, lesson ideas,  research articles and more!  If you are a looking for Bunch of math picture books on a particular topic, this is the place to go! Follow them on twitter @MathsStories

Erikson Early Math Collaborative  is a wonderful resource for early math educators. They regular post about math books they recommend on their website. A good one to follow on twitter @eriksonmath.

Math educator Lenny VerMaas has collected his favorite picture books along with activities here .

MATH/TEACHING BLOGS/WEBSITES I FIND MAGICAL (ie, These blogs/websites delight, excite and/or make me wonder about teaching and learning math)

Dy/dan (Dan Meyer’s 3 acts were a magical addition to my teaching, now I can’t get
enough of the magical Desmos posts)

Talkingmathwithyourkids (I’m a long time subscriber, lover of this blog, and #summerofmath subscriber) with a mission to create mathematical opportunities in the spaces that diverse children and families inhabit and interact with in their daily lives because every person is a “math” person. There are many ways to be mathematical. Don’t believe me, check it out.

Visual Patterns was created by middle school teacher Fawn Nguyen. Started in late 2013, the website is a database of  visual patterns collected and created by Nguyen that she uses in her classroom and also includes patterns that her colleagues use in their classrooms. Nguyen also started another website when she was inspired by a lovely book by John Allen Paulos’ titled  Innumeracy. Between2numbers gives kids an opportunity to compare numbers and quantify the world.

Estimation180 (Go here for multitudes of magical estimation prompts)

Musings of a Mathematical Mom  (I’m a new subscriber to this blog and looking forward to the release of Sasha Fradkin’s upcoming math picture book Funville Adventures!]

Finding Ways (I am new blog subscriber to this blog. And I am so excited to get caught up on my reading!)

Math Solutions was founded by renowned math educator Marilyn Burns. Math Solutions is dedicated to improving students’ learning of mathematics by providing educators with the highest-quality professional learning services and resources. This particular link will bring you to a wealth of free resources for teachers and parents.


What do you notice? What do you wonder? Annie Fetter


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