Additional Resources

Here are some resources that I have found useful in creating the posts in this blog and for other reasons. I will update periodically.


#mathbookmagic (Use this to share magical math book info and your experiences with them)

#tmwyk (Stands for talking math with your kids. Use this to share and celebrate children’s spontaneous math thinking)

MATH/TEACHING BLOGS/WEBSITES I FIND MAGICAL (ie, These blogs/websites delight, excite and/or make me wonder about teaching and learning math)

Dy/dan (Dan Meyer’s 3 acts were a magical addition to my teaching, now I can’t get
enough of the magical Desmos posts)

Talkingmathwithyourkids (I’m a long time subscriber, lover of this blog, and #summerofmath subscriber)

Estimation180 (Go here for multitudes of magical estimation prompts)

Musings of a Mathematical Mom  (I’m a new subscriber to this blog and looking forward to the release of Sasha Fradkin’s upcoming math picture book Funville Adventures!]

Finding Ways (I am new blog subscriber to this blog. And I am so excited to get caught up on my reading!)

Math Solutions was founded by math educator extraordinaire Marilyn Burn.  This particular link will bring you to a wealth of free resources for teachers and parents.



What do you notice? What do you wonder? Annie Fetter

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